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New art in Elm Park? CORRECTED

Remember that “Guns for Art” project that was the cover story of Worcester Magazine a few weeks back? Guns collected through the gun buyback program were melted down into a piece of art.  Dr. Michael P. Hirsch, who proposed the project, had hoped it would go in Elm Park.

The artwork when completed would be a double arch, 21 feet tall, with a footprint of 30×30.

If you have an opinion on this piece of art and its placement in Elm Park, you might keep an eye on the Parks Commission agenda, as they’ll have approval once it gets to that point. (Sorry for the early false warning!)

(photo via the Guns for Art picture gallery on the WoMag website)

City Council Bingo

For those of you who think City Council Meetings deserve a drinking game…I’d like to present the next best thing: City Council Bingo.

Various people (some of whom who, I’m sure, would prefer anonymity) have been contributing to this list for some time.  Thanks are due to all of them!

In fact, we had so many ideas, they couldn’t all make it onto one Bingo page, so feel free to send more ideas along (in comments or via email) and we’ll include them in a second page.

…and have fun tonight!

(Image: Worcester MA City Hall (1898), a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from John Brush’s photostream)

“Left Ahead” podcast on Worcester

mp3 link

Left Ahead is a progressive podcast about Massachusetts. Today’s episode was about Worcester, hosted by Michael Ball and Ryan Adams, with me as the Worcester guest.

On 508 I have the luxury of sitting back and asking questions when I don’t know anything about a topic; listen to the Left Ahead podcast and find out how little I really know! (In particular: what is the deal with Guy Glodis?)

Two cryptic things week kept referencing: the Cirignano trial and this blogger TV show we did at WCCA.

Finally: sorry I keep breathing on the mic. It’s been too long since I did a podcast in this format…

MA Speaker of the House in town to learn about Becker’s video game program

According to a press release, Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo will be in Worcester this afternoon to visit Becker College’s nationally ranked video game design program. 508 profiled the program last month.

There’s been interest in using Becker’s program, and the similar program at nearby WPI, as the anchors for some sort of video game design industry in Worcester.

The speaker’s visit is in advance of a major event titled “MASS Impact: Video Games, Economic Development and Job Creation” related to the video game design and development industry that Becker will be hosting on Oct. 19.

Worcester primary winners: Mahoney, Lamb

(Unofficial T&G results)

The District 13 state rep race will be Mahoney (D) vs. Franco (R) vs. Madnick (I).

The race for U.S. Rep will be Lamb (R) vs. the incumbent McGovern (D).

The Auditor race will be Bump vs. Connaughton. (The news here is that Guy Glodis lost his primary bid.)

I’ll keep updating my campaign sign coverage as more and different lawn signs appear in the city.

BTW, as of this morning FiveThirtyEight has McGovern’s chance of winning at 100%. This is in a projected race with Brian Herr, who Lamb beat for the Republican nomination. As more polling information on McG vs. Lamb becomes available, I’ll be watching to see if FiveThirtyEight revises their prediction.