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Movie Weekend

It seems like it’s a big weekend for movies (especially movies with a heavy bicycle focus).  Here are the highlights:

Sunday, November 14, 7:00 PM – Landry’s Bicycles presents Bicycle Dreams, the true story of the Race Across America, will be screened in Razzo Hall, 92 Downing St., Clark University, Worcester, Mass. The award-winning documentary film by Stephen Auerbach follows a handful of seekers on a transformative journey — a grueling 3,000-mile bicycle race that has been deemed the most challenging sporting event in the world. Includes a Q&A with Patrick Autissier, a participant in Race Across America.  Tickets are $7.50 online, $10 at the door. Proceeds benefit the Major Taylor Association.

Friday, November 12 (tonight), 6:00 PM – Worcester filmmaker, Matt Feinstein, will present his debut feature film, Ciclovida: Lifecycle at Clark University’s Traina Center for the Arts, 92 Downing St, Worcester.  The film follows a group of farmers from northeast Brazil who traverse the entire South American continent by bike in search of natural seeds. The dynamic protagonists inspire viewers with stories of sustainable agriculture projects while exposing the devastating effects of industrial agriculture.  Tickets are $10, and it sounds like the food will be great.

Friday, November 12 (also tonight), 7:00 PM – The Worcester Chapter of the American Guild of Organists presents The Mark of Zorro, with live accompaniment by Peter Krasinski at All Saints Church.  Tickets are $10, $5 Students/Seniors.  For those of you who are not familiar with Douglas Fairbanks [Sr.], he’s just tremendous in this movie.  If you’re into swashbucklers, this is for you.  (And if you like Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. — and, really, is there anyone who doesn’t? — but aren’t familiar with Senior, let this movie be your introduction to another great actor.)

Apologizing for the unnecessary

From the DPW Facebook Page:

UPDATE: DPW&P will begin collecting leaves in the Friday Trash Collection area on Friday November 12th. We understand that we are 2 days ahead of schedule and this is due to lack of material in the Burncoat St./ Greendale area. We apologize if this has caused any inconvenience. Thank you in advance for your continued cooperation.

As Tracy noted, we’ve got a city department apologizing for being ahead of schedule. 

Those of us who are on the tail end of the collection schedule (that is, those of us who have Thursday trash pickup and whose neighbors have had leaves piled on either side of an already-narrow street for weeks and weeks) appreciate any change in the schedule that benefits us.

(One might also wonder whether “lack of material in the Burncoat St./ Greendale area” is a euphemism for, well, this.  That is, of course, the more upsetting part of this update.)

(Image: Fallen Leaves of Autumn, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from capn madd matt’s photostream.)

Rebecca’s thoughts on leaving Worcester


Worcester, I will miss you. Your bad drivers and decent restaurants. Your pocket parks and diners. Your Green, Florence, Water, Congress, Elm, Main and George Streets. Your voters. Your watch dog activists. Your Go list. Your middle of the winter silence around midnight during a snow storm, and your summer streets during ninety degree, still-as-stone-humidity. I will miss your sunsets, your soccer players, your world cup tournaments, your potlucks. I’ll miss Annie’s and the Dive. Thursday nights and the Artichoke. Keep on keeping on. Take care of one another. Be well. and see you again soon.

This week’s City Council agenda

Some highlights from the City Council agenda for the Tuesday, November 9, 2010, meeting:

  • 11b. Request City Manager submit a legal opinion regarding the jurisdiction of City Council in voting a zoning ordinance governing temporary non commercial signs, including political signs. (Lukes, Clancy) / Attachments
  • 11c. Request City Manager review information and recommend to City Council the potential for a pilot project for the creation of rain gardens to control storm water runoff. (Eddy, O’Brien) / Attachments
  • 11d. Request City Manager take appropriate action under existing regulations and laws to control the continuous problem of clothing and household items being deposited outside of donation containers throughout the city. (Toomey) / Attachments
  • 11e. Request City Manager initiate a long-term plan to establish additional bike trails over city streets, applying for and utilizing federal funds to create these amenities to improve the personal health and air quality for all across the city. (Toomey) / Attachments

Update: And Nicole takes special notice of this one:

  • 11f. Request City Manager report on the unfunded mandates included in the new Federal Manual on Traffic Control and the estimated cost of compliance as it concerns the replacement of street signs for the purpose of including upper and lower case letters in each sign. (Lukes) / Attachments

Fall Family Day at Worcester Art Museum

The Worcester Art Museum will be holding a Fall Family Day on Sunday, November 7 from 1-4:30pm.

From the event page:

Join us for this fun Family Day for all ages! Celebrate the opening of the new contemporary exhibition “Place as Idea,” and check out the amazing faces in “Portrait Photography.” Take part in artmaking activities (painting wrong-color landscapes and creating a collage self-portrait), an interactive Family Guide that takes you through the permanent collection, performances, snacks, and more! Free with Museum Admission. Youth 17 and under are always free.

You may be able to find a printable flyer for a free adult admission here.

(via Tracy)

(Image: WAM, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Tracy Ducasse’s photostream.)

Today: Memorial vigil for Edwis “Goldo” Peña

Memorial Vigil for Edwis “Goldo” Peña ~ 6/9/90 – 10/31/10

6pm, Thursday, Nov 4th
28 Preston St.

Nuestra Juventud Muere Por Actos de Violencia Sin Sentido
Es Nuestra Responsabilidad Luchar Contra La Violencia

Organized by the family, friends and neighbors in the Piedmont Neighborhood.
Organizado por la familia, amigos y vecinos en el vecindario de Piedmont.

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