City Council Agenda Items

Mike used to write these great posts highlighting the City Council Agenda items of interest; I thought I’d revive that but I welcome any reader comments and contributions.


9.1 APPOINTMENTS Non-City Council Confirmation
9.2 APPOINTMENTS City Council Confirmation
There are nine (!) people who are slated for appointment to various boards and commissions.  Why are some up for city council confirmation and others not?  If it’s an executive board, no council confirmation is required; if it’s advisory, council confirmation (roll call vote) is required.  (There are still openings, by the way.)


A. There’s going to be an interesting pilot program to see if larger recycling containers encourage residents to recycle more.   (info here)

B.  Rationale for Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District’s (UBWPAD) Appeal to the First Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.

There’s also a lot on graffiti: both regarding a graffiti partnership and regarding recent graffiti in Beaver Brook Park.

9.27 –  EXECUTIVE OFFICE OF THE CITY MANAGER – Human Services Division

The Human Rights Office has goals for the coming year.  Would that the City Council itself could come up with a similar document!

Barton Brook has a short term contract for kennel services; early retirement’s been a disappointment; and — as Tracy pointed out — the City Manager has a response to the social media question.  (To her question of how social media was used in the mercury spill, I can only respond with another question: why does it take until Monday to find out from the Worcester PD Twitter feed that five people were shot on Saturday night and Sunday morning?)

(Image: heart downtown Worcester, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from kristina k. dymond’s photostream.  Inspired by this agenda item.)

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