CSX project under environmental review

If you’ve been following the CSX project, you may be interested in the Environmental Notification Form submitted by the company to the Executive Office of Environmental and Energy Affairs. Under the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act, projects have to submit a notification form, at which point the EOEEA decides if the project needs an Environmental Impact Report, which would further describe the environmental impact of the project and steps the company plans to take to mitigate it.

The ENF is fairly straightforward reading, and the EOEEA is taking public comment on it until December 13. Be sure to cite the project number, which is 14673.

A few things of interest from the ENF:

  • CSX foresees this change adding only 100 vehicle trips per day to/from this site.
  • They anticipate taking away 108 parking spaces, and generating 7500 gallons less wastewater.
  • Page 4 describes the changes in buildings and the addition of an overpass.
  • Page 5 cites the work they’ve done on emissions (small editorial comment: I’d think this would be the biggest item of concern.)

(Image: CSX 9301, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Ryan Ramsay’s photostream.)

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