Finding Your Zone

Now that Worcester colleges are back in session, I once again get to feed my WPI FML obsession.

But I also get a newer, more positive obsession: Clark Diaries (feed), which is a group of blogs written by Clark students, who are passionate about stART, Worcester night life, lending libraries, and — yes — downtown!

If you read nothing else, though, you should read Sarah Suprenant’s post Worcester: because Boston is too easy.  Here’s a sample:

I admit it: I originally didn’t want to go to Clark because I was totally turned off by the atmosphere of Worcester. Wista. The Dirty Woo. Wormtown. War Town. Worchester (if you’re not from around here). Whatever you call it, it’s no Boston; I wanted to live in a big, bustling city with cafes and fancy shoppes and galleries. I wanted Newbury Street and Fenway Park and the Esplanade and the theater district. All I saw of Worcester was a dirty, run down city with lots of convenience stores and fast-food chains.

I didn’t look close enough.

Confession time. I love it here now.

Confession time: I’m totally calling this town “The Dirty Woo” from now on!

(Image: blue sky!, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from w’s photostream)

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