Globe paywall will be on brand-new website

The Boston Globe, now found on, will be creating a new, subscription-only site sometime in 2011.

The existing site will share some content with the new site, but some will be exclusive.

Something about this approach really appeals to me. Why retrofit a site with a paywall when you can start from scratch?

I’m not a big Globe reader, but I’m keeping an eye on this story to see if it reveals anything about the success of the paywall at Worcester’s Telegram & Gazette, owned, as is the Globe, by the New York Times.

3 thoughts on “Globe paywall will be on brand-new website

  1. I think the Globe’s luckier (smarter?) than most in that their newspaper name isn’t tied up in their website name. (I think that means the Telegram should scoop up…)

    This probably also gives them more flexibility on any tweaking they might need to do post-paywall.

  2. Years ago (1997-2001) I was in the business of selling wholesale Internet regional) coverage to entities like AOL, MSN and others to give them as ISPs (internet service providers) dialup Internet access. I approached the Telegram and got no where. Their loss. Newspapers were not embracing the Internet at that time, they were cowering from it.

    Today I think there is a tremendous opportunity for an entrepreneur to produce local news from a website and to make his company known through sough social networking. It wouldn’t be a stretch, in fact, to make the site itself a center of social networking,

    There is a trmendous amount of “news” that is free for anyone to compile into a newspaper site: court records, PR pieces, weather, etc. Throw in a couple “man on the street interviews” and maybe a little investigative reporting, and you’re giving the Telegram some serious competition. Throw in social networking, and you’re beating them.

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