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In this week’s Crusader, neighbor relations remains a top story.  There’s also a point/counterpoint in op-ed, with Mike Brombach rather funnily (that is, if you don’t live on Caro Street) defending the partiers, and Katharine Rose writing on behalf of civilized people everywhere.

Mike Brombach:

Insensitive students at Holy Cross are denying local residents the obvious peace and tranquility they deserve while living on a college street. If these people wanted to witness booze-fueled acts of debauchery they would have opted for the out-of-control atmosphere of a nursing home or Florida condo complex. Instead they are forced to suffer the shocking actions of college students from Holy Cross.

Katharine Rose:

trying to blame the Worcester residents who live on our “party streets” for choosing the wrong place to live only adds fuel to the fire, as it gives the city yet another reason to portray us as “self-oriented” college students who live in our own little bubble on the hill. And rightfully so. Because, it is neither realistic, nor appropriate to expect people to adapt or adjust their lives for the exclusive benefit of “college kids” party schedules.

(Image: worcester, massachusetts, from the holy cross campus, a Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 licensed picture from Jenni Ripley’s photostream.)

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