Holy Cross Students speak

Today’s Crusader has a long article about the reaction of the Holy Cross administration and students to the city manager’s public criticism of rowdy parties in general and Father McFarland in particular.

Of interest:

[Paul] Irish [Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Student Conduct & Community Standards] urged students to put themselves in the College’s neighbors’ perspective. “It’s an ongoing responsibility that the college has, students have, and neighbors have to try to work together to improve the relationship,” he said. “Increasingly, Student Government has been very engaged, as has the president’s office,” he added. “It’s important to let people know it’s ongoing and despite set backs we’re committed to work on this and be good neighbors. And we’re open to new ideas and strategies that can help us.”

Senior Meghan Doherty expressed her frustration with the judgments made by city officials. “I think that’s absolutely ridiculous. [Father McFarland]’s done so many great things for the College,” she said. “He really tries to get to know students. I see him walking around campus on the weekends during the day. He’s getting a lot of blame for this and he doesn’t deserve it.”

There’s also an opinion piece here called “Father McFarland is not the problem.”

(Image: Holy Cross Campus, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Michael Femia’s photostream.)

2 thoughts on “Holy Cross Students speak

  1. “College kids have a right to go out and party.”

    I think it was George Washington that said that. Or Thomas Jefferson.
    Or maybe it was Mike D and Ad-rock.

    Right to party? Puh-leezze….

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