More grousing about paywalls

If, since Jeff’s passing, you miss someone complaining about the Telegram & Gazette paywall, I bet you’ll enjoy Dave Winer’s recent essay, “The Paywall may be journalism’s Maginot Line”:

The Maginot Line would have been a perfect defense in World War I. It didn’t help much in the second war.

Analogously, there was a perfect paywall in the pre-Internet news business, the physical product of a newspaper. There is no equivalent in the new distribution system.

Dave also draws some parallels between local papers and Groupon, a site that’s recently come to Worcester.

I went from “I don’t have time for another stupid website” to “Please, Groupon, how can I give you my money?” in about 2 days. The kicker for me was today’s offer of cheap Bikram yoga classes. If you feel that yoga’s not yoga unless sweat is pouring off your body, check it out.

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