Mortgage auction protest scheduled for 2pm today

Grace Ross has been sending out e-mails about a planned foreclosure auction at 21 Huntington Ave today. The home is owned by Marty, “one of the active members of the Worcester Anti-foreclosure Team.”

A protest of the 2pm auction is scheduled, barring any last-minute resolution of the situation. In that area? Let us know what happens.

(E-mail with more details below.)

Friends –

One of the active members of the Worcester Anti-foreclosure Team may face an unjustified foreclosure auction, Tuesday Oct, 18 – that’ll be TODAY by the time you receive this.

PLEASE plan to stand with our neighbor against the banks – banks which have finally now been caught and had to admit to hundreds of thousands of fraudulent actions.

Marty has struggled financially but we have helped him to arrange a sale of his home – which will fully PAY OFF what is owed to the bank. They said that if he could find a sale they would put off the auction and let him complete the deal. Monday they acknowledged that they have all the paperwork they needed. BUT now Wells Fargo is saying they may not be able to postpone the auction any way. Even though both they and Marty lose if they go ahead!

Help us stop the insanity! help us make hte bank stand by what they said and do what is right and best for Marty AND them!

Lets work with Marty and stand with Marty for what is right, what is best for our neighborhoods and our City!

While it is possible that we will manage in the morning hours to get them to call of the foreclosure auction, PLEASE plan now to be with us at 2pm at Huntington Ave between Tower and Boyd Sts.

If the auction is called off last minute, we will email that out AND you can check by calling Chris Horton at 508-963-1399.

Worcester needs to stand up for Worcester and while some folks cannot come because of work, it is that much more critical that those of us who can come at 2pm, join Marty in his valiant stand against the big bank!



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