“Most likely it’s the water”

Above: Graffito, unnamed collective house, Worcester

I always like reading the Clark Diaries (RSS), but Shane Capra’s post “Living Collectively in Worm Town” is really great.  Here’s a highlight:

The point is that Worcester is for many reasons, a place with a large community of people interested in alternative living and building strange new ways of doing things. Maybe this has to do with Worcester being full of transient students, maybe it has to do with cheap housing and a high concentration of immigrant and refugee groups that don’t want to assimilate to standard American living. Most likely it’s the water. Either way, Worcester is kind of the sleeper hit between the Fury of Boston and the Pretense of Providence. There isn’t as much here, but what is here can be deeply influenced by even one person. There is a lot of room to build new spaces and ideas within a city that is somewhat forgotten by most people.

In Worcester alternative culture isn’t just something that you can jump into and take part. Instead you have to make it yourself, which is in a way terrible because you have to do a lot of work to create things here. However, this is also Worcester’s strong point. What is here is built by you, and others that care deeply for the city.

Above: look there’s a factory, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Kristina Dymond’s photostream

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