New art in Elm Park? CORRECTED

Remember that “Guns for Art” project that was the cover story of Worcester Magazine a few weeks back? Guns collected through the gun buyback program were melted down into a piece of art.  Dr. Michael P. Hirsch, who proposed the project, had hoped it would go in Elm Park.

The artwork when completed would be a double arch, 21 feet tall, with a footprint of 30×30.

If you have an opinion on this piece of art and its placement in Elm Park, you might keep an eye on the Parks Commission agenda, as they’ll have approval once it gets to that point. (Sorry for the early false warning!)

(photo via the Guns for Art picture gallery on the WoMag website)

4 thoughts on “New art in Elm Park? CORRECTED

    1. I don’t believe it has a sponsor within the government. I believe it’s been drafted, but they haven’t yet gotten the safety part worked out with the kids working with (no-longer-working) guns.

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