Of economic development, human rights, and appropriations

The Worcester City Council meets tomorrow night at 7 pm. You can find the agenda here.

A few items of interest:

  • it’s time once again for the quarterly economic development report. That means you can expect to hear about CitySquare, the area of the former Voke school/Gateway Park, and possibly South Worcester Industrial Park. Any guesses on if a councilor will mention stART at the Station in the discussion of Union Station?
  • As Mike has discussed, Father John Madden is (deservedly) receiving the Worcester Human Rights Commission’s Eleanor T. Hawley Award for outstanding contributions to the field of Human Rights.
  • As it is the City Manager’s week for the agenda (he and the Council alternate; have we mentioned that before?), there is a list of requests for appropriations (including three school buses)

I also have to mention the wording of the following item:

Recommend City Council Approval for Certain Actions Relative to CSX Corporation.

Details here.

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