Protest halts home auction in Worcester

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Grace Ross via e-mail:

Congratulations to Marty & the dozen supporters who showed up to oppose Fannie Mae’s auction of Marty’s house – an action that would have guaranteed significant losses for Fannie as well as Marty and the surrounding neighborhood.

Instead, thanks to many hours from Luz and Marty getting a full sale and all the paperwork, last minute advocacy on many people’s part and a last ditch effort that got an injunction from the courts, we were able to stand together and protect Marty’s arrangement. Confronted with our crowd, the auctioneer was a bit intimidated and our presence halted them and made the bank’s representative address the injunction. After calling in to her supervisor, she called off today’s auction.

The bank has tentatively said they will return to auction on Dec. 8 BUT that is after Marty’s closing date!

So while Marty will have to move, he protected his credit, will get some money out of the deal and controlled the sale of his home.

We are so proud of him for standing up! And when we fight together, we really do win!

Love, Grace

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2 thoughts on “Protest halts home auction in Worcester

  1. No matter how Ross spins it the action did nothing and proved nothing – he had control of the sale? They lost the house – they lost. The bank won. Which bank BTW.

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