Remembering Jeff in Grafton

Jeff Memorial

Sean has a nice photo of Jeff Barnard memorabilia, and Karl a nice account of the memorial for Jeff last night in Grafton:

In addition to family and friends, there were quite a few who knew Jeff for just a short time, these past few years when his keen writing drew us in. Jeff, we learned, was very happy during his blogging career. He loved seeing the city and sharing his insights. He was hopeful, angry, reverent, irreverent, starry-eyed and laughing. He was, his sister said, the smartest guy she knew. It was only as he wrote that these traits broke loose for the rest of us.

Kathy told us that she had to give folks a chance to get together after Jeff died. He didn’t want any services and so this wasn’t a service. Jeff’s brother spoke very briefly before the band started playing. The rest of the time, we told stories, heard stories, and got to know better the guy who’d gotten us together, the guy who no longer in the room.

[Above: Jeff Memorial, a copyrighted photo from Sean Ausmus’s Flickr photostream.]

On a related note, this week’s 508 podcast is a collection of Jeff highlights:

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