Tea Party outpartied in Worcester

30-40 “Dance Partiers” today marched, boogied, and otherwise grooved to Lincoln Square, where several hundred Tea Party supporters had gathered for the Worcester stop of the Tea Party Express. Their stated goal: “Party harder than the Tea Party.”

Worcester Magazine photos, Telegram & Gazette report


The counterprotesters blasted Lady Gaga, the Beastie Boys, and other party-friendly tunes from a makeshift soundsystem strapped to a shopping cart. The Tea Party did not offer much competition. While using a much more powerful system, they could only reply with speeches and a few lousy songs. (Even the Star-Spangled Banner, usually a great tune, was overwrought.) A lone hip-hop song provoked almost total disinterest.


Some of the protesters were anarchists, and said that “This is not about the upcoming election,” but rather about responding to “racist, sexist homophobes.” Other protesters were Democratic supporters. Still others seemed content to shake what their mothers had given them.


This demonstration came with a built-in standard of victory. Did the Dance Party outparty the Tea Party? They sure did.


Video forthcoming. More pix.

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