2 thoughts on “T&G to switch web platforms

  1. I’m so frustrated with the T&G’s RSS feeds that I’ve about given up. Is your husband getting doubles (and sometimes triples) of everything like I am?

  2. The husband responds —
    “When I’m in a hurry, I glance at the headlines via RSS first thing in the morning (in Flock). If I have time, I’ll glance at the mobile multi-page thing I made, which is a bit better than the RSS, but takes a few extra minutes. Either way, I can use the links to check out the full article if the headline interests me. Typically, 90% of T&G articles do not interest me.

    “From about 10 a.m. onward, I’ll disregard all T&G RSS except the front page feeds (the front page feeds sometimes add late-breaking stuff later in the day), because the various feeds rebroadcast several more times a day, all the same stuff as 1st thing in the day.”

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