“The blog article”: kinda weird

Shaun Sutner’s article on local bloggers came out today.

Most of the article is a well-deserved profile of Nicole Apostola, Bill Randell, and their quirky interests (municipal signage, the Worcester airport). It begins with a quirky interest of its own: who will maintain “[o]ne of Jeff Barnard’s most valuable legacies,” the Worcester blogroll?

Kind of a weird beginning for an article in a daily paper. But then again, how many blog posts by those profiled are weird the whole way through? Not sure who the target audience for this piece is, but not bad at all.

FWIW, here are my recent thoughts on local blogging. And here’s what Jim has to say.

2 thoughts on ““The blog article”: kinda weird

  1. Due to where the article was printed, it also naturally missed what I think was the big influence of WoMag and Daily Worcesteria.

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