This week’s City Council agenda

Some highlights from the City Council agenda for the Tuesday, November 9, 2010, meeting:

  • 11b. Request City Manager submit a legal opinion regarding the jurisdiction of City Council in voting a zoning ordinance governing temporary non commercial signs, including political signs. (Lukes, Clancy) / Attachments
  • 11c. Request City Manager review information and recommend to City Council the potential for a pilot project for the creation of rain gardens to control storm water runoff. (Eddy, O’Brien) / Attachments
  • 11d. Request City Manager take appropriate action under existing regulations and laws to control the continuous problem of clothing and household items being deposited outside of donation containers throughout the city. (Toomey) / Attachments
  • 11e. Request City Manager initiate a long-term plan to establish additional bike trails over city streets, applying for and utilizing federal funds to create these amenities to improve the personal health and air quality for all across the city. (Toomey) / Attachments

Update: And Nicole takes special notice of this one:

  • 11f. Request City Manager report on the unfunded mandates included in the new Federal Manual on Traffic Control and the estimated cost of compliance as it concerns the replacement of street signs for the purpose of including upper and lower case letters in each sign. (Lukes) / Attachments

2 thoughts on “This week’s City Council agenda

  1. Other items I find of interest:
    Auditorium Redevelopment, 9.4, B. The City Manager is asking that the Council approve an order for the city to put out an RFP for the Memorial Auditorium. Of equal interest (at least to me) is the following statement, on page 2 of the attachment: “We also intend to work with the Department of Public Works and Parks and the Off-Street Parking Board to coordinate the disposition of the Highland Street Parking Lot with the disposition of the Auditorium.”

    Keep Worcester Clean Meeting from Sept. 10, 9.14, B. Nothing super exciting, but I know some of you look forward to reading these minutes.

    Crime Analysis Software & Technology, 9.17, D. There are a lot of interesting items for the police, including this community safety initiative grant, but of most interest is the discussion of crime analysis software and technology. While most of this report centers around the internal use of the data, there is the promise that “the Department Plan is to have this information and mapping capability on the city web-page when the final phase of our CrimeView software is completed.”

    Yes, the Trust Funds actually do have money in them, 9.39, A. The Francis H. Dewey Trust will donate $500 towards Thanksgiving turkeys, to be distributed at Friendly House. The Cy Pres Trust Fund will be donating $3,000 towards Coats for Kids.

  2. And! There’s a report coming back on just what is up with 1099 Pleasant Street.
    (I think we’ve sent the stats on the views of the agenda through the roof!)

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