Worcester Commuter Rail in the Globe

Today’s Globe had an informative article on what it would take to bring the Worcester commuter rail to North Station.  (Partial answer: “Before any Worcester trains run to North Station, about $1.6 million would also need to be invested in a yearlong project to add gates to six road crossings in Cambridge, a project that has not yet been authorized.”  Not answered: how all of that would get done by 2012, as Lt. Governor Murray hopes.)

However, the article’s really worth reading for the following exchanges:

“I didn’t know MIT had cannons,’’ [MBTA general manager Richard A.] Davey mused.

“Aw, they got Harvard,’’ said [Transportation Secretary Jeffrey B.] Mullan, seated in the middle. “They’re concerned about Caltech.’’

“That’s in case Harvard invades,’’ said Murray, from the front passenger seat.

“How are ya?’’ Murray called [to gentlemen residing under a bridge], in campaign mode.

“I’m not sure they’ve registered yet, governor,’’ Mullan quipped.

“They’ve got the flag up,’’ Murray said.

“Flag up,’’ Mullan countered. “And Budweisers.’’

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