Worcester Half-Marathon Review

A few months late, but still of interest, is an excellent, blow-by-blow (step-by-step?) review of the Worcester Half-Marathon (previously mentioned on 508):

Somewhere around 8.5 miles I was contemplating pulling-out, I was in a fairly large group of runner[s] when this elderly woman in a Lexus had her left turn signal on and seemed to be waiting as the hundreds of runners made our way up Chandler St. Of course until I got up to her. When the group I was running is got literally up to her bumper, the look on her face said “fuck it” and she turned left right into us, sending about a dozen of us scampering and jumping out of the way. She missed my left knee by maybe an inch. If I hadn’t jumped at just the right moment she would have totally taken me out. Crazy bitch. Then I realized, that the police presence was really minimal this whole race. I mean, all up and down Chandler, there were police at every major intersection stopping the cross-traffic, but that’s about it.

Again, as a race director myself, I know that the police detail can cost a major chunk of your budget. The  detail Lt. from the asks you how far the race is, how many streets you’re going to need closed, how many runners and how many hours. As this was the second time in the race that I actually felt like I was in danger, it occurred to me that the race organizers did everything they could to protect their bottom line. The lack of road closures, the bare minimum in everything, the several course changes were I’m sure all part of their efforts to make sure they had a race that would cost them the least amount of money to produce. I’m glad I came into this with little to no expectations.

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