Worcester planning board to restrict lawn signs?

Telegram & Gazette:

Under the proposal, political signs would be categorized as “temporary signs with noncommercial speech” and homeowners would be allowed to put up no more than one freestanding temporary sign and one wall/banner temporary sign on their lot.

In effect, that means that homeowners would be allowed only two political signs on their property, though they would also be able to put signs in up to 50 percent of their window space if they wished.

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2 thoughts on “Worcester planning board to restrict lawn signs?

  1. On political signs and the First Amendment

    Maybe this could only happen in a one party state like Massachusetts.

    a) If I feel strongly enough about something, I will be happy to defy any governmental protestations(local, national, even neighborhood) and advertise accordingly–especially on my front lawn. Any efforts to squash the rights of an individual’s right to political freedom is silly –and dangerous. While i applaud the folks who want to cut pack on political signage for environmental reasons, political freedom overwhelmingly trumps all. Or did the blood of our forefathers get shed for nothing?

    b) Renter and other nonproperty owners aren’t addressed. What rights do they have? Would they have to get the permission of a landlord or a condo committee to put up signs? That also begs the issue of an issue or a candidate that conflicts with the landlord’s view.

    I don’t understand what the actual problem people are having with political signs. When we have had only 18 percent of registered voters actually vote, it means there is a tyranny of a minority over the majority. That so few bother to vote is a deep concern. Whenever I see a mass of political signs, I see it as a joyous moment akin to flowers in bloom at springtime.

    Advocates for less signs are stifling democracy (small “d”). They want to snuff out our beloved freedom of speech and our beloved American right to be outrageous. They should be ashamed.

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