Worcester primary winners: Mahoney, Lamb

(Unofficial T&G results)

The District 13 state rep race will be Mahoney (D) vs. Franco (R) vs. Madnick (I).

The race for U.S. Rep will be Lamb (R) vs. the incumbent McGovern (D).

The Auditor race will be Bump vs. Connaughton. (The news here is that Guy Glodis lost his primary bid.)

I’ll keep updating my campaign sign coverage as more and different lawn signs appear in the city.

BTW, as of this morning FiveThirtyEight has McGovern’s chance of winning at 100%. This is in a projected race with Brian Herr, who Lamb beat for the Republican nomination. As more polling information on McG vs. Lamb becomes available, I’ll be watching to see if FiveThirtyEight revises their prediction.

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