Worcester residential tax rates to be higher than they might have been, business taxes lower

Worcester Business Journal:

The commercial and industrial tax rate was set at $34.65 per $1,000. The residential rate was set at $16.06 per $1,000 of assessed value.

The commercial tax rate will increase by 5.7 percent over last year, but that’s better than it could have been. Had the council approved the largest increase allowed by law, the rate would have jumped by 7.36 percent.

Nicole has more thoughts at her blog. Like her, I don’t have an opinion on this development, because I have no idea what the “right” business and residential tax rates might be, so I don’t know if this moves us closer or not. Feel free to tell me what the right tax levels are…

2 thoughts on “Worcester residential tax rates to be higher than they might have been, business taxes lower

  1. There really isn’t a right or wrong tax rate. It depends on the services that the city delivers. The more services, the higher the cost, the higher the tax rate. Beyond that it becomes political. Should Worcester have two tax rates? That’s political. So far Worcester has chosen to lower the residential rate by raising the commercial rate. Businesses can’t vote. They can only move. Residents vote.

  2. Right or wrong tax? That’s a rather nebulous statement. Expound please?

    Two rates? Is not political. Its rational. Think – ability to pay.

    More services cost more? Pensions and raises are the two largest parts of the increase in the City’s budget. The biggest increase comes from the school dept. Cut school, save money. Cut City services. So no increase necessary.

    Business owners can vote.
    Business employees can vote.
    Family members of business owners can vote.
    Friends of business owners can vote.

    Businesses can donate to candidates as can others.

    Residents can move too.

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