Your official David Rushford squee moment of the year

To be sure, plenty of Worcester residents should feel proud to have a City Clerk who previously challenged a governor regarding the 1913 law that prevented out-of-state gay couples from marrying here and who’s worked to get rid of the ridiculous rules about birth certificates for children born out of wedlock.

Many city residents, however, may have missed this excellent letter to the Boston Globe editor that Worcester City Clerk David Rushford wrote yesterday in response to an op-ed about online voting whose author, Tom Keane, spoke for those who “hate the trek to the polls” and who asserted that “the value of one’s vote is simply not worth the effort required.”

Here’s part of the letter:

In our communities, polling locations are convenient, often within blocks of voters’ homes. Most of us will drive or walk by the front door of our polling place during the course of our daily travels. Voting is the one activity that we, as a disparate society, congregate to and complete together to contribute our individual opinions and to voice our content or dissatisfaction.

Is the process convenient? Perhaps it is so convenient that we take voting, with the freedoms it guarantees, and relegate it to being on par with an optional activity. Vote today and in the future as though much is at stake. No excuse, not even the dreaded excuse of inconvenience.

Be proud, Worcester.  Be very proud.
(Image: Worcester City Hall, a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 image from Leonardo DaSilva’s photostream.)

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