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Ice Skating at Elm and Crompton Parks

Park Spirit is sponsoring three Saturdays of free ice skating at Elm Park. They are Saturday, February 5, 12, and 19 from 10am-2pm (though the last two times appear to be incorrect on FB).  From their Facebook page:

Bring your own skates. We’ll supply the hot chocolate and warm fire.
Skating Day will take place pending “safe ice” clearance from the City of Worcester.

Crompton Park Ice Skating Rink (at the tennis courts at Crompton Park) — Open daily as weather permits from 10am-5pm.  There will be special Friday evenings on January 28 from 5-8pm and February 11 from 5-8pm.  Call 508-755-1228 to confirm weather and ice conditions.

Free used skates available if they have a pair that fits you (M-F noon-2pm at Pernet Family Health Service).

(Image:  ice skating, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from David Bakker’s photostream.)

What to do with too much snow

Via the wonderful Cleaner Plate Club:

Here’s what there is left to do: walk outside with a big Pyrex mixing bowl. Better yet, send your children outside with a big Pyrex mixing bowl. Tell them to go to the cleanest part of the yard — a place where no dog has walked, where no boot has stepped, where no tree has dropped branches — and scoop up snow. The top layer of snow is ideal, and if it has been sleety, so the top layer is a little bit icy, all the better.

Scoop snow into individual bowls. Drizzle with maple syrup.

You have just made maple syrup snowcones, which I assure you are the finest dessert you will find mid-winter in New England.

And it’s vegan!

Taylors back in the Globe game

The Boston Globe is reporting that Benjamin and Stephen Taylor, former Globe executives and members of the family that owned and ran the Globe for a century, are backing Aaron Kushner’s bid to buy the Globe.

Why should you care?  If Dan Kennedy is right, the “significance of the Taylors’ involvement is that there now will be support within influential circles for the Times Co. to return the Globe to local ownership.”  And the Telegram would likely be included in the bid to buy the Globe.

Kushner is reported to be making an offer for the Globe (and, presumably, the Telegram and all associated websites) in a few months.

Ron Shaich Interview

Today’s Wall Street Journal has an interview with Clark University alum (and Au Bon Pain founder/Panera Bread chairman) Ron Shaich.  Here’s his discussion of opening the General Store at Clark:

Q. How did you afford to open a store while in college?

A. I was the treasurer of the student body. I said, ‘Let’s raise the revenue to start the store by asking the student body to vote on a tax.’ So then we had the money and the authority to open up a nonprofit convenience store on campus. It was great! I hired a carpenter and I bought the equipment from a department store that went out of business. I don’t dance, I don’t sing; it felt to me like the most artistic pursuit of my life.

Betty Curtis Worcester County Young Writers’ Conference

This year’s Betty Curtis Worcester County Young Writers’ Conference will be held on March 5, 2011 at St. John’s High School.

The conference is open to all students, boys & girls, grades 7-12.

The conference cost is $45.00 per student. This fee includes all supplies, lunch, and a snack. The deadline for registration is February 11.

The keynote speaker will be Andre Dubus III.  [Aside: I met him for about three minutes when he taught at the alma mater and he was wicked nice.]  The keynote address, which will begin at 5:00, is free and open to the public, however, space is limited; check out their website for how to reserve a seat.

Perotto on American Idol

Jim mentioned that last night’s American Idol featured Worcester resident Michael Perotto (the son of the former city councilor of the same name).

Entertainment Weekly gave the following description of his performance: ‘An adult baby in a colorful plaid shirt refrained from burping long enough to give “Proud Mary” a shot and beg the very reasonable question, “Did you eat paint chips as a child?”‘

This blogger said that he ‘sang “Proud Mary” so bad, Ike came back from the dead to hit Tina again’.  Another blogger said ‘Michael Perotto keeps burping, I like him already. They’re being too harsh on him, he wasn’t THAT bad! At least he was hitting 75% of the notes, it just doesn’t sound good. The tone isn’t great.’

This is the only video I can find of his performance…judge for yourself:

Worcester’s 1st killing of 2011

Police department press release:

On January 16, 2011 at approximately 12:31 PM Worcester Police responded to 17 Clapp Street for a report of a person who appeared deceased. Upon the officers’ arrival they observed the victim, Joseph Scott, 45 years old of the same address, lying on the ground and unresponsive. Paramedics at the scene pronounce Mr. Scott deceased. The victim was discovered to have a puncture wound to his chest; it is unknown at that time what caused the wound.

At one point in the argument, Ms. Sanabria, who is the girlfriend of the victim, grabbed a knife and stabbed the victim once in the chest. After the stabbing, the victim walked away and went to his room; he was discovered deceased later on in the day.

Applying for a Tax Abatement in Worcester

I’m not sure if the Tea Party tax abatement workshop happened yesterday, but for those of you who need to know, there’s information on the city website on how to apply for an abatement.

According to the city website, the reasons for an abatement are:

  • Overvaluation – The assessed value is too high compared to the actual real estate market.
  • Disproportionate Assessment – Property is assessed in excess of assessments of comparable properties.
  • Improper Classification – For instance, a property is classified as commercial land when it is actually residential land.
  • Statutory Exemption – The property is exempt from taxation based on use.
  • Note that even if you apply for an abatement (form here), you still need to pay your taxes due by February 1.

    Does anyone out there have any helpful hints?