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Worcester nazi meeting postponed

According to the Worcester Public Library’s website and library staff, tomorrow’s North East White Pride meeting there has been postponed to an undetermined date. The meeting was to have been held at the same time as “Black Culture Movie Night” across the hall.

Update: The library says one of the organizers called to cancel the event; another organizer, when phoned this afternoon, thought it was still happening. There are various stories going around via e-mail about city officials being involved in the cancellation. The most credible rumor I’ve heard is of officials convincing one of the organizers that holding this opposite a Black Culture event was a public safety problem.

Update, 8:42pm: The T&G’s inimitable Jackie Reis has the story:

[Head Librarian Mark J. Contois] conferred with the city manager’s office and the Police Department, who recommended asking one of the groups to reschedule. The Black Culture Movie Night — which planned to view the movie “Souls of Black Girls” — had been scheduled first, so Mr. Contois asked the white power group to postpone its meeting.

The event co-organizer quoted in the article is Russ James; notably, people talking with the library today were told that the organizer cancelling the event was a woman, presumably co-organizer Vicky Perry, who did not return phone calls today.

Mr. James, in the Telegram:

“We would never, ever have problems” with blacks, he said. “It’s Jews, homosexuals and radical feminists who are causing the problems.”

Update 9:21pm: Local anti-racists are hearing that NEWP is planning to be at the library tomorrow despite the postponement. The anti-racists will be meeting at 6pm at either the Turtle Boy or in the library. That also happens to be the start time of the film, The Souls of Black Girls.

(NEWP likes to play word games about whether they are white supremacists, or white nationalists, or assholes, or what. For our purposes lowercase-n “nazis” is clear enough.)


Worcester Opera Works will be holding Sopranopalooza, their annual fundraising event, this Saturday.  From their website:

The many talented ladies of Worcester Opera Works will be the featured musical guests of this event, which will also include raffles, a silent auction, and more.  Join us on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 7:00 PM at Briarwood Community Center (65 Briarwood Circle, Worcester).

Singer roster: Christine Petkus, Angeliki Theoharis, Becky Ufema, Karen Amlaw, Beth Gondek, Jennifer Conant, Erin Conley, Lisa Woods, Elaine Crane, Mauri Tetreault, Tara (Goodhue) Alcorn and Connell Benn.  Music composed for women’s voices, from opera, Broadway and more, accompanied by the wonderful Olga Rogach. 

(Image: Opera, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Sanako’s photostream.)

Worcester bouncer assault: arrest, hearing, viral video, white supremacists

If you haven’t seen the video of a Worcester bouncer trapping a guy in a strip club bathroom, accusing him of selling drugs, punching him a couple times, and taking his money, it’s below. Apparently a fellow employee shot the video. The incident was last May 25, but the video only recently appeared. The bouncer was arrested this week. The T&G says that he’ll be arraigned today next Tuesday and that the License Commission will have a hearing about all this next month.

Worcester Magazine has a partial transcription.

Dianne Williamson notes that white supremacists have embraced the video. The bouncer is black and the guy he punches is white; at one point he makes the guy kneel and pray “Oh, great fucking brown dude.” Neil Foisy estimates the video has been seen 200,000 times online, but I had trouble finding a working copy, presumably because YouTube is removing them when white supremacists descend upon the comments sections or use it as a recruiting tool.

Some of the white supremacists are holding a meeting at the library Wednesday. Their visits to Worcester are usually ignored, but they’ll likely get some attention this time.

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Mademoiselle Chambon at Cinema 320

This week, Cinema 320 at Clark University will be showing the film Mademoiselle Chambon.

Tuesday Feb. 22, Thursday Feb. 24, Saturday Feb. 26 @ 7:30PM; Sunday Feb. 27 @ 1, 3PM.

Via the Cinema 320 website:

A devoted family man (Vincent Lindon) reluctantly embarks on an affair with his son’s troubled schoolteacher (Sandrine Kimberlain) in this exceptionally perceptive, critically-lauded romantic drama. (The authentic texture and detail in the relationship might be because Lindon and Kimberlain were once married in real life.) “First rate acting and directing… achieves a subtle but devastating impact”- Hollywood Reporter. 101 minutes. Subtitles.

“An exquisite chamber piece made with the kind of sensitivity and nuance that’s become almost a lost art” – LA Times.

“First rate acting and directing… achieves a subtle but devastating impact” – Hollywood Reporter

Direction: Stephane Brize; screenplay: Stephane Brize & Florence Vignon.

$5.50 adults, $3.50 seniors and Clark students, faculty and staff (with ID)

The Goods

This is less of a “currently in the Telegram” and more a “one more thing to wish for” kind of a post. On President’s Day, McSweeney’s will be debuting a new weekly newspaper insert for children called The Goods.  After taking a brief look at the samples, it looks like the best funny pages I’ve seen in a long time. I found out about The Goods on the Adam Rex blog, who encourages you to request your newspaper’s Features editor to include The Goods.  You can find contact information for T&G staff — including the Features editor — here.