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DCU fucks up Worcester traffic with bargain gas stunt

Anyone travelling the length of Park or Pleasant today noticed the massive lines down both streets for the Gulf gas station where they intersect. The bank DCU was sponsoring $2/gallon gasoline as a promo. Womag has more. Apparently this caused some trouble during morning rush hour, but by midday the police had turned lanes of Pleasant and Park into de facto parking lots for those waiting for gas.


Worcester in Harvard Magazine

I was reading over the latest Harvard Magazine (no, I’m not an alum, I just read it for the real estate ads for houses I couldn’t begin to afford, photos of random sculptures, and articles about really cute novelists) and came across an article profiling three great day trip spots, one of which was Worcester.  (One of the others was one of my favorite places, Peterborough, NH.)
While there are some inaccuracies in the article (Unique Boutik is no more; at least one web address was incorrect), it also highlights restaurants that aren’t on Shrewsbury Street, and at least one attraction that’s off the beaten path: Hadwen Arboretum.

Derrick Z. Jackson on the tobacco sign ban

Derrick Z. Jackson had a great column

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on Worcester’s tobacco sign ban in Saturday’s Boston Globe. Highly recommended reading, even if you don’t agree with it:

“About five people a week die in Worcester from tobacco, compared to a total of 42 people in all of 2009 who died in car crashes in all of Worcester County,’’ Worcester city solicitor David Moore said in an interview. “If we were talking about five people dying a week from pharmaceuticals, no one would say government doesn’t have some kind of role in trying to regulate.’’

IRS Revokes Status of Some Non-Profits

Via my favorite Boston Globe columnist comes news that the IRS has automatically revoked the federal tax-exempt status on certain non-profit groups “for failing to file an annual information return or notice with the IRS for three consecutive years.”

You can find a list of the Worcester- and Worcester-based non-profits whose statuses were revoked here.  You may want to look at the complete list for Massachusetts, because some groups (like the Greater Worcester Humanists) have a “Worcester” name but do not use Worcester as their mailing address.

Some groups whose names jumped out at me are the Ladies’ AOH, the Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, North High Alumni Association, and Worcester Community Television — but it’s unclear whether the EINs are the correct ones for the groups I’m thinking of, or how many groups on the whole list are still active.

If you’re involved with any non-profits, take a look at the list and make sure yours isn’t on it!

Worcester Art Museum, of in-depth interest


The Boston Globe featured a long book excerpt about the botched 1972 Worcester Art Museum heist.  They also featured an excellent in-depth look at Piero di Cosimo’s “Discovery of Honey by Bacchus.”

Speaking of WAM, This is Leigh introduced me to my new favorite art museum game.

In other Worcester-related tidbits…


This gentleman person took a road trip through Massachusetts and got some great shots of a few Central Mass sights, including a couple of the pig bus.


Why is it every time visitors pass through Worcester they feel it necessary to comment on the smell?  This Globe article about how skunk smells can linger for days, especially if you hit them with your car, contains the following quote:

“It is believed the smell peaked in Worcester.’’

Worcester-Cambridge rail link opposed, no one states the obvious

from the Boston Globe:

A proposal to extend the Worcester/Framingham commuter rail line through Eastern Cambridge to North Station met stiff resistance last night during a community meeting at the Morse School.

I have two responses to this opposition:

1) A Worcester resident needs to show up at one of these meetings to say, “Hey, we took CSX off your hands, now it’s payback time.”

2) Steven Nutter of Livable Streets Alliance asked: “How is this type of project different than a highway that brings people in from Worcester and Framingham?”  It was unclear from this quote whether Nutter’s issue was traffic congestion or people from Worcester coming into the city of Cambridge.  If it’s the latter, the city of Worcester is already doing a great job of alienating and driving out Worcesterites — call them for tips!

Worcester vignettes

via a traveler:

1.  “Worcester smells funny (but different funny from Gary, Indiana).”

2.  “Marlborough, Massachusetts, doesn’t seem to be organized in the same fashion. The roads aren’t straight, they aren’t parallel, and they aren’t even named the same thing a half-mile down the road as they were where you started.”

3.  Advice from a gentleman at AAA:

“So if someone says 128, you’ll know they mean 95. Oh, and that city just west of heah that looks like it’s called War-chester? It’s pronounced ‘Wistah’.”

That last part we knew, although we thought it was pronounced like the Ohio city Wooster (“oo” like in book, not like in cootie).