Applying for a Tax Abatement in Worcester

I’m not sure if the Tea Party tax abatement workshop happened yesterday, but for those of you who need to know, there’s information on the city website on how to apply for an abatement.

According to the city website, the reasons for an abatement are:

  • Overvaluation – The assessed value is too high compared to the actual real estate market.
  • Disproportionate Assessment – Property is assessed in excess of assessments of comparable properties.
  • Improper Classification – For instance, a property is classified as commercial land when it is actually residential land.
  • Statutory Exemption – The property is exempt from taxation based on use.
  • Note that even if you apply for an abatement (form here), you still need to pay your taxes due by February 1.

    Does anyone out there have any helpful hints?

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