Asking Cleverbot the 508 candidate questions

There’s one question that’s been occupying the minds of voters across the city this year.

That question is, of course: If Cleverbot were a candidate for city council, what would it say?

To find out, I asked it some of the 508 candidate questions.  Here are the results:

Q: What’s your position on school privatization?
A: I don’t have a certain position.

Q: What is local government’s role in regulating the day-to-day lives of citizens?
A: That’s between you and your ‘mistress’.

Q: What is your position on neighborhood councils?
A: To be honest I have not heard of Ubisoft. Will you explain what they do as a service please?

Q: Where should the city draw the line in taking responsibility for development?
A: Russia.

Q: Where should the city draw the line when selling off existing assets?
A: On the internet.

Q: How should the city of Worcester be making its money?
A: You should tie brinks to the body and let it sink.

Q: What is the correct tax rate for Worcester homeowners?
A: I’m not sure.. Just something not quite as random.

Q: What’s your personal vision for the city of Worcester?
A: Apparently wittier than yours.

Q: City departments, particularly the police department, have information that can help the public make good decisions about running the city. That information is hard to access, some would say impossible. What would you do to change that?
A: Have you ever read the Alchemist? It would do you some good. You seem a bit pessimistic.

Q: How much can you bench press?
A: My bench can press one at a time.

Q: Who’s your favorite character on The Wire?
A: I don’t know what that is.

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