Ballot petition time

While it may be the height of local election season for 2011, you may have been stopped by signature collectors outside of stores for initiatives for the statewide ballot in 2012. Curious about what they’re collecting for? Here’s the list:

112242: PET A: Medical Use of Marijuana (LAW)

112243: PET B: Promoting Excellence in Public Schools (LAW)

112244: PET C: Limiting Amount Water and Sewer Rates May Be Raised (LAW)

112245: PET D: Repeal Mandate Providing Access to Quality Health Care (LAW)

112246: PET E: Do Not Call List to Regulate Certain Charitable Solicitations (LAW)

112257: PET F: Provision of Health Insurance (CON AMEND) (note—it’s in for the 2014 election since it’s a constitutional amendment)

112255: PET G: Death with Dignity (LAW)

112247: PET H: Updating the Bottle Bill (LAW)

112256: PET I: Create a Citizens’ 9/11 Investigation Commission (LAW)

112248: PET L: Small Businesses in Repairing Motor Vehicles (LAW)

112249: PET O: Limited Beer & Wine Licenses for Grocery Stores and Supermarkets (LAW)

112250: PET P: Insurance Underwriting & Rating of Motor Vehicle Insurance (LAW)

112251: PET Q: Whale Safe Fishing Act (LAW)

112252: PET R: Presentation of Identification to Vote (LAW)

112253: PET S: An Act Relative to M.G.L. c. 209A (LAW)

112254: PET T: Right to Cancel an Auto Sale (LAW)

If you’re interested in figuring out what these are about (often the collectors are paid workers and are unable to answer questions), you can read the petitions (and keep up to date on them) here.

h/t to Joshua Meduna, Assistant Director of Elections for the City of Worcester

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