2 thoughts on “Blute off the air

  1. have to disagree with you that Blute is a disgraced ex-Congressman. He’s a distinguished former congressman and I will miss the rare opportunities that I was able to listen to him. his show had one of the great openings in radio history, it reminded me of Rex Trailer.

  2. I gotta agree with the Stew-man. Hearing Peter Blute talk daily for three effing hours gives one terrific insights into another person’s mind no matter what their political perspective.

    I only regretted during the reign of Peter Blute that his focus was on national issues day in and day out instead of exposing the atrocities and staleness of the one party state we have here. The lack of creativity in industry, the regular butt covering by the political class and the failure of MA to keep its young people reflects what happens when you have a one party, monolithic, special interest dominated welfare state.

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