“Caro, Clay and College Streets were not always deserted and quiet on the weekends”

From the Holy Cross Crusader:

“I remember being able to go to parties without constantly worrying about the cops or Public Safety breaking them up. Now I see police sitting at the corner of Caro and Boyden almost every weekend just waiting to hassle kids who are just trying to have some fun.”

1 thought on ““Caro, Clay and College Streets were not always deserted and quiet on the weekends”

  1. It annoys the hell out of me whenever I see local politicians demonize the “academics” and the college kids that go to school in the City of Worcester.

    As a local landloard smack in the middle of the WPI-Becker belt, I see firsthand how kids from those school plus Assumption, Worcester State, MassPharm and others perceive the City.

    Often the kids I rent to are first time apartment renters. they are ignorant of all the rules. And there are plenty of rules.

    Take, for instance, the Resident parking Permit. If you want to park on Roxbury Street, you need this permit. I think it’s only $10. but you also have to: a) be registered in Worcester, b) and therefore insured in Worcester.

    At least 90%of the kids (unless they are Asian) ignore the Resident parking permit rule completely. They only live in Worcester 50% of the time. Half of them have the cars registered in a parent’s name. And the cost of insurance is higher in Worcester most of the time too. A smarter way for Worcester to get money would be to charge for a year long pass for ,say, $100-300.

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