City of Worcester vs.College Hill Properties LLC upheld on appeal

via Only in the Republic of Amherst:

our state Appeals Court today upheld (CITY OF WORCESTER vs.COLLEGE HILL PROPERTIES, LLC,) a Superior Court ruling enjoining landlords in Worcester from renting to more than 3 unrelated persons per house without a “lodging house” license, which requires an expensive sprinkler system in the premises.

The sagacious court found, “we have no doubt that four or more unrelated adults, sharing housing while attending college, is not an arrangement that lends itself to the formation of a stable and durable household.” Indeed.

Full ruling here.

One thought on “City of Worcester vs.College Hill Properties LLC upheld on appeal

  1. In Boston the city thrives because they are academic friendly. More disposable income is spent there per student than in Worcester. Boston’s # on this is 4.

    Worcester prevails as the state’s leader in anti-college, anti-student atmosphere.

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