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Law enforcement agencies like the Worcester Police regularly report data about violent crime and property crime (collectively referred to as Part 1 Offenses) to the FBI, which compiles data from these communities and posts it to UCR.  (If you ever read a blog post in which I discuss Worcester crime statistics, I’m usually pulling the data from UCR.)

Now UCR has a convenient online data tool that allows you to compare multiple municipalities’ Part 1 offenses — and download them into easy-to-read tables.  So if you wanted to compare Worcester to Springfield, Hartford, Providence, Manchester, or other communities of similar population, you could do that with a few clicks of the mouse.

One frustration some residents have had is the dearth of information about Part 2 Offenses (which include prostitution).

To that end, I’ve come across a useful site for Massachusetts UCR data — including Part 2 Offenses.  The caveat from the site is as follows: “The public is welcome to visit with the understanding that ANY reports and statistics are preliminary, subject to change, and under no circumstances to be used as official crime or statistical report.”

Taking the caveat into account, it’s got a great search feature by town (beginning with 1980, but for Part 1 offenses only).  It’s also got information for Part 1 and Part 2 offenses by town by year or by month.

For those of you who are interested in the (unofficial) counts of prostitution/vice arrests for Worcester for the past eight years, here’s a summary of information from that website:

2003 — 190
2004 — 224
2005 — 185
2006 — 132
2007 — 214
2008 — 214
2009 — 137
2010 — 129

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  1. Thank you for the links. Far better than the map with color coded dots I used to keep stuck to my ‘fridge. (That was a long time ago and I’m not even kidding.)

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