Downtown Crime Watch Creation

According to the city website, there will be a discussion on creating a Downtown Neighborhood Crime Watch on Tuesday, August 30, at 3:00 PM at the library.

Are you interested in helping to form a Downtown Public Safety Alliance/Neighborhood Watch? Please join City Manager Michael O’Brien and members of the Worcester Police Department to discuss how to create a formal neighborhood watch in the Downtown.

This is an opportunity for Downtown stakeholders – businesses and residents – to come together to make their community and their neighborhood safer and to change the perceptions of public safety.

If you are interested in attending, please call (508) 799-1175 to sign-up!

Thumbs up for the effort, thumbs down for the totally lousy middle-of-the-afternoon timing.

6 thoughts on “Downtown Crime Watch Creation

  1. Well, if their target audience is business owners, it may make sense to have it during business hours (since most of them probably don’t actually live downtown, and would have to come back later)?

    Of course, if you’re a small business owner or sole proprietor, that maybe just as difficult.

    1. To both points — they probably want to get a list of people who’d be interested (not necessarily to mandate sign up for attendance, just because half the battle in organizing anything is a mailing list). I’d think a 5 or 5:30pm meeting would be better for some business owners, but let’s hope they get feedback one way or the other.

  2. Hello, and sorry for the late comment. I did attended the meeting representing a downtown property. The meeting was a basic informational session that was aimed at gauging the interest in forming a group, what such an association would entail and what the City’s role would look like. As Nicole mentioned, a large part of the battle is starting a list of interested parties and identifying the people who are willing to put in the grunt work of scheduling and administration. The City manager seemed pleased at the diversity of people who attended the meeting–there was a number of small business owners, not just property owners and their representatives–but admittedly, there did not seem to be a significant number of residents.

    The scheduling of the meeting was clearly intended to capture the business and property owners, and because many (if not most) attendees, including myself, were employees representing institutions, corporations or other interests, I think there would be little interest in meetings held after 5:00pm by this group. Speaking for myself, with everything else I am already committed to after working hours, I would likely not attend these meetings if they were outside my professional schedule.

    This will likely be one of the most challenging of neighborhood groups in the City to administer due to the diversity of stakeholders; a mix of corporate, institutional, small businesses, property owners, students and residents. On top of this, the nature and function of downtown establishments can change dramatically from day to night, and the problems issues encountered during one period might be very different than those of the other. Some of the residential constituents are being somewhat represented through the Bancroft Commons Property Manager, MCPHS and others, but there does seem to be a need for greater, and direct, residential voices.

  3. There is another meeting today for those who wished to be part of the “core group.” It will be at the DCU center. It is at 3:30 and you should use door #5. If you think you would like a hand in the nuts and bolts of this neighborhood group, then this could be a good meeting to attend.

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