Elizabeth Bishop Happenings

There are a lot of upcoming happenings in honor of (as one person termed her) Saint Elizabeth of Worcester:

Tomorrow, February 8(the anniversary of her birth) at 4:30pm will be a ceremony of gravesite readings of Bishop’s poems, including “The Bight,” whose last lines provide the inscription on her tombstone at Hope Cemetery, Worcester. All are invited to read or to listen at this event, which is followed at 6:00pm with a buy-your-own Brazilian dinner at Pampas Churrascuria Restaurant, East Central & Shrewsbury Streets, Worcester. (Via the Worcester County Poetry Association)

On Thursday, February 10 at 7pm, Street Beat Celebrates Elizabeth Bishop at 100 at the WCPA Office, 1st Floor, 1 Ekman Street, Worcester. (Via the Worcester County Poetry Association)

Also on Thursday, February 10th, there will be a large EB tribute at 7 p.m. in the Jacob Sleeper Auditorium, CGS, 871 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts.  (via the Elizabeth Bishop Centenary blog)

For your reading & listening pleasure, Dana Gioia had a long tribute to EB in the Wall Street Journal the other day, and the BBC program The Verb has a tribute to EB this month.

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