Excellent series profiling a homeless woman

Julia Spitz of the MetroWest Daily News has been devoting column space for the past couple of months to a woman named Laura.  Laura was a chronically homeless woman who lived in MetroWest (sometimes Shrewsbury, sometimes Framingham, sometimes Marlborough).

Laura told Spitz a bit more than a month ago that “I really need mercy, not agencies, not the runaround. I have terrible fear. I don’t want to end up in an institution.”

After writing that column, Spitz was inundated with calls from folks who’d tried to help Laura in the past.  Spitz wrote:

There’s rarely a day I haven’t thought of Laura in the past month, for one reason or another, even after she stopped calling several times a day to beg me to do more.

I understand why friends, family and institutions no longer want to do the daily dance.

I hope for some change to come, perhaps for her to see things a little differently and be willing to consider some of the possibilities that seem unpalatable to her.

I hope if that day comes, I’ll be able to share the story with you.

Whether you decide to read it or not is certainly up to you.

In yesterday’s column, Spitz wrote about how Laura is going to be treated at a Worcester-area nursing home and rehab center.

I recommend reading the three columns.  They’re a good reminder of the amazing work that some social-service agencies do, and an equally good reminder that homelessness is not only an inner-city issue.

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