Finding a new bank in Worcester for November 5?

One of the efforts loosely connected to Occupy Wall Street is Bank Transfer Day, a proposal to observe Guy Fawkes Day (November 5, this year a Saturday) by getting your money out of a Big Bank and into a local bank or credit union.

Any suggestions of local banks and credit unions with decent websites? I need to enter a physical bank maybe once every five years. For me, and I assume many others, the online bank is the bank. And many banks, both Big and local, have websites that make you want to toss your laptop across the room. Worcester’s Commerce Bank, for example, has a website so hard to use it’s like they opened a branch at the bottom of a storm drain.

7 thoughts on “Finding a new bank in Worcester for November 5?

  1. Having the same problem. I’ve been a BofA customer by way of merger going back to BayBank. As much as BofA blows, their mobile apps and website are amazing. I’ve yet to find any replacement that could compete. I had been thinking a combination of Worcester Credit Union and ING might be ideal, but with the looming acquisition of ING by Capital One, I’m back to square one.

    1. I became a Millbury Credit Union customer back when BayBank got bought for the second time…

      I’ve been very pleased with them, but I don’t have a lot of feeling one way or the other on website or apps. I tend to be a very basic banking customer; most bills get autopaid, etc.

      What I do like about the credit union is that I tend to be a very big ATM user, and the SUM network enables me to use most CU/savings banks ATMs with no fees.

      Has anyone checked out DCU’s website?

      1. We’re also at MCU. I have mixed feelings about their online banking. It’s usable, but they only keep records back six months.
        I also have an account at Worcester Credit Union, but I have no idea what their online access is like.

  2. I use Webster 5. I’ve never had a problem with them, or a fee, and the website is pretty decent, but I really only use it to balance my checkbook.

  3. I am very, very happy with United Bank — — and find their online banking capabilities entirely satisfactory. We also have a commercial account with them at work and have been simply blown away by the services and hi-tech features that they have given us — essentially for FREE — that BoA wanted a proverbial arm and a leg for.

  4. I dumped BOA last year for Commerce. I wish I was able to see their online banking website before I switched. It is worse than the bottom of a storm drain. It looks like they’re using a prepackaged system.

    They’ve made updates to it since I’ve switched and the user experience hasn’t gotten much better. The iPhone app shows that they’re trying to make an effort.

    I made the switch after hearing an NPR interview that talked about a website that suggests TARP-free banks in the area. I can’t recall the URL now tho…

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