Fun with MACRIS

Have you ever watched a Historical Commission meeting and seen a developer or owner silently mouth the words “Curse you, MACRIS!”

Me neither, but I know they’re thinking it!

MACRIS stands for Massachusetts Cultural Resource Information System.

And it’s got a lot of information online in a searchable database.

With pictures!

They’ve also got scans of the original form used to apply for historical significance, so you can find out that what is now Brite Cleaners in Webster Square used to be White Cleaners:

From 1959, when it was built, until 1968, this building was occupied by White Cleaners, a dry cleaner which still has several stores in Worcester and surrounding towns. Since then it has been operated as Brite Cleaners.

White Cleaners was founded in 1913 by Michael White, who according to one account, “started with only a few dollars in his pocket.” White, born in Armenia, came to the United States in 1912.

This house, on Holden Street:

Known locally as the Merrifield House, 158 Holden Street is among Worcester’s oldest buildings and is an excellent example of eighteenth century vernacular architecture.

In short, the MACRIS database makes for enjoyable reading and viewing for the history geeks among us. 

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