GIC and municipalities

The Boston Globe has an interesting article about the experiences of municipalities (specifically, Saugus) that use the state’s Group Insurance Commission for health insurance.  It’s of interest to Worcester residents because various elected and appointed officials have proposed that the city join GIC off and on for the past few years.

There’s nothing terribly new in the article (the town of Saugus has saved money and premium rises have been slower; they’ve shifted some of the burden onto employees via higher co-pays) but perhaps the most important part is the reminder that, while the GIC can help ease one aspect of finances, it is not a silver bullet.

2 thoughts on “GIC and municipalities

  1. We should probably mention that according to today’s paper, the City Manager is moving all non-represented city employees to a GIC-like plan as of July 1.

    1. Thanks. I’d read the Globe before I read the Telegram, and I assume the complaints/concerns would be the same as with the GIC (higher co-pays for visits to the doctor’s office and emergency room, etc.)

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