Glenn Gould doc at Clark this weekend

Jim Keough, in Worcester Magazine:

For classical music devotees, Glenn Gould was a rock star.

Hell yes.

Glenn Gould:

It’s only cultures that, by accident or good management, bypassed the Renaissance which see art for the menace it really is.

Clark’s Cinema 320 series is showing Genius Within, a documentary about the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould, this weekend. It’s also on Netflix instant view, but really, half the fun of being a Gould fan is talking about his music and mania with others. If things work out, maybe I’ll see you there.

Thursday March 10, Saturday March 12 @ 7:30PM;
Sunday March 13 @ 1, 3:10PM. Jefferson Academic Center, on the corner of Main and Downing streets in Worcester. $5.50.

Glenn Gould:

But this pill complex of mine has been grossly exaggerated. . . . One
reporter wrote that I travelled with a suitcase full of pills.
Actually, they barely fill a briefcase.

The closest thing I’ve done to an artwork about Gould was the Snow Ghost show about Mystery Band 2008, in which my band performed “Glenn Gould Goes to Leningrad.”

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