Guns cause problems at Worcester youth sports events

If you don’t follow the Telegram & Gazette, you probably want to check out their coverage of several (coincidental) firearms incidents at local ballgames.

Police to step up patrols after problems at ballfields:

The Tom Ash Little League has canceled its slate of games scheduled for its Grafton Street field tonight, after shots rang out on a nearby street last night.


The shots came from the area of 140 Arthur St. Witnesses, including an off-duty police officer, told investigators a man in a car was the target. The alleged victim, a 21-year-old man, denied he was shot at. Three shell casings were found on Arthur Street.


On Sunday night, a man involved in an argument on the Vernon Hill Park basketball court allegedly pulled out a shotgun. Players at the baseball field ran for cover. Two people were charged in connection with the incident.

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