Hanover backlash of a different flavor

Much of the backlash about the excessively positive Globe article about the Hanover Theatre has been about Mayor Joe O’Brien’s slightly less-than-glowing-but-nonetheless-really-really-upbeat comments.

A letter in last week’s Globe noted that, among the benefits associated with the Hanover were “fewer homeless people.” The complete line:

But he does find it rewarding — and that has a lot to do with the changes he sees around the theater: new businesses, cleaner streets, fewer homeless

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people, more signs of life.

Chris Berg, the author of the letter, is obviously not from Worcester, or he would have noticed multiple inaccuracies in that description of our fair city:

1) Worcester has eliminated homelessness. It’s not “fewer” homeless people; it’s “homeless? — not me!”

2) There are no “signs of life”, as signs are no longer allowed under our city ordinances.

3) The word “life” itself is questionable. While the city is well on its way to allowing chickens, panhandling and hot dog vendors still aren’t welcome. There’s not enough life to beat away with a stick. Or, rather, chase away with a pocketknife.

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