Higgins Armory on Ghost Hunters

I hate this stuff, but you can now watch the episode of Ghost Hunters featuring Higgins Armory.

I think it was worth it for this excellent recap on MassLive.com. Highlights:

Right off the bat, Amy Bruni, of the TAPS team mispronounces Worcester. Being a California girl I didn’t really have much hope that she would get it right but I’ll give her 2 points for trying, it kind of came out half-right and half-slurred, which is about all we can expect I guess.

After a few more rounds of investigating we see Jason and Grant finally take Dog-the-Ghost-Hunter out of her kennel and give her a spin around the Armory. While interesting, it was a bit odd watching the guys trailing along behind as Maddie-the-ghost-hunting-dog wandered around the exhibit smelling everything with Jason

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saying that ‘she’s really alert and tracking something.’ Yeah. I’d be willing to bet she’s tracking at least 12 of the 600 people that have been through that place in the past couple of weeks or so. You know — the visitors that know their way around the area and stopped for lunch at Hot Dog Annie’s on their way in to the museum!

(Image: Shining Armor, a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 image from Kenny Louie’s photostream.)

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