Holy Cross Student Life

In the past week, there have been a few HC-related items of interest:

(Image: Adi Rocking Holy Cross, a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 image from Matt S’s photostream.)

3 thoughts on “Holy Cross Student Life

  1. Especially if you look at the old police logs
    “Nine reports of viral gastro-intestinal-itis in 24 hours.”

    “Racoon with a broken leg between Kaven and the library.”

    “Skull calls campo because a photographer from the school newspaper is following them around taking pictures. Officer determines that both parties are students and that the photographer is ‘doing his job’.”

    That’s better than Holden!

  2. “Sunday, January 31
    8:25pm: Parent requesting well-being check on child that has not been heard from in 5.5 hours”

    “Friday, February 19
    9:34pm: Student reports a raw chicken and a 5 lb bag of powder on the walkway behind Riley Common.”

    “Saturday, February 27
    1:00am: Guy chasing screaming girl near skull tomb. Officer suggests sledding.”

    (Some of these might be funnier if you are an alum)

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