Hungry like the Wolfe

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For quite a long time, Scott Wolfe, “professional Worcester-hater“, has been the pre-eminent troll of the T&G Letters to the Editor.

After writing numerous letters to the Telegram with nary a positive word about the City, he was (in)famously the subject of a Dianne Williamson column, which later caused him to sue Williamson for libel.  Unfortunately for him, truth is a defense.

Just two months ago, as you may recall, Wolfe had turned his cranky pen once again Worcesterwards.

Wolfe has never been just content to regale fellow Worcesterites with complaints about his city.  He’s written letters to editors of other newspapers.  For example, he’s written to the Globe about his (surprisingly optimistic) hopes for the new millenium, and, of course, about his hometown:

Worcester’s downtown has always been a ghost town composed of rundown, boarded-up stores. Nothing gets done in Worcester because the city council possesses no vision to bring Worcester out of its depression. Worcester’s mayor is just a figurehead who has no real power to make things happen. As for the $6.5 million face lift, the new courthouse, and the $22 million, 200-room Hilton Garden Inn, I say these are nothing more than pipe dreams.

He’s also written to the Lowell Sun about his favorite topic:

The airport is also a ghost town since there are no flights coming in and out because it is literally in a fog zone. Worcester is an ugly, exhausted, old, bombed-out New England mill town that will never rise again. Endless rows of ugly and dilapidated triple-deckers symbolize Worcester’s once huge, industrial base, which disappeared many years ago and will never return.

To be fair, sometimes Scott has turned his attentions away from Worcester.  He’s not a fan of certain ethnic groupsMore than 20 years ago, he turned his sarcasm towards the Commonwealth’s lack of a governor’s mansion:

How come a great and noble commonwealth such as Massachusetts has no governor’s mansion? After all, practically every other state in the union has a governor’s mansion, but not poor Massachusetts.

Our governor, who by the way is a real “Duke,” should and must live in a regal and imposing mansion – or even a palace. The Duke sees all sorts of very important people – heads of state such as Billy Bulger, George Kevarian, Barney Frank, Gerry Studds, Ted Kennedy and other highly distinguished guests of honor.

Of course, Wolfe doesn’t vote (or, at least, in the past he has not) so his opinions are for entertainment value only.  (Indeed, some have thought that his letters deserve to be printed in the funny pages, which would probably give Wolfe some gainful employment.)

Sometime after Wolfe’s failed lawsuit, he moved to Mashpee, though many of his letters complaining about our fair city list Worcester, not Mashpee, as his residence. 

When I read the Globe letter from the end of March, I thought that Wolfe had moved back to Worcester.

Imagine my surprise when I read the Globe Magazine this weekend and noticed that Scott Wolfe listed Mashpee as his residence when he proclaimed that the Cape “is only good for getting a lobster roll and some sand on your behind – and that is just from Memorial Day to Labor Day. After Labor Day, the Cape shuts down and it becomes an enormous ghost town. The same goes for Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Cape Cod is boring!”

The funny thing is, of course, that Wolfe has previously complained that life in Mashpee is too exciting, because he lived on a golf course and golf balls were busily whizzing through his windows.

In a few short years, however, Wolfe has changed his opinion of Mashpee.  A few years ago, Mashpee was “a precious little gem on Cape Cod.”  Just a year later, though, he said that the “Cape is like a gigantic geriatric center with its many old age homes and its nursing homes. It’s worse than Florida.”

My issue with Wolfe is that no man can serve two masters. 

(The corollary to this, of course, is that no mayoral candidate can register cars in two municipalities.) 

Either you live in, and hate,  Mashpee — or you live in, and despise, Worcester.

But if you’re going to do the latter, please stop calling it Medical City. 

Even I stopped doing that seven years ago.

3 thoughts on “Hungry like the Wolfe

  1. Nice summary.

    Make you wonder why he doesn’t just get a blog. Although I can think of certain blogs where a guest post from Scott would fit right in.

  2. The big question I have about this Scott Wolfe Fellow is—– Why does he get such response anyway. If you hate something so strongly, my thing would be— would it not be the norm to get as far away as possible? This Scott fellow actually has you all conned. He realy LOVES Worcester and Massachusetts because without them, where would he get his 5 minutes, and he makes sure of that by not leaving! Ciao for now Irgensthabin!

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