In the News…

In honor of the 84th anniversary of Worcester Airport (really), here are some news bits from minor news outlets:

Two disposable cameras in the Canal District.

The Holy Cross Crusader has a great feature called Meet the Neighbors. They’ve featured Ron and T Jablanski so far.

The Crusader has also outlined the new off-campus housing policy,

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along with an op-ed from a young woman living off-campus (“For better or for worse, the off-campus party scene of 2008 has been buried and forgotten beneath the grass carpets outside Figge Hall; anyone not expecting this would be in denial.”).

The Clark Scarlet had what was quite possibly the most funny profile of Joe O’Brien ever (“O’Brien, whose claim-to-fame is that he shook Barack Obama’s hand”) and captured the best Lisa Wong quote ever (“I discovered that there were wonderful parts of Fitchburg.”).

The Daily Auburn covered a lecture by former Worcester mayor John Anderson (money quote: “the area is reverting back to the way it was [61 years ago]”; unclear whether that’s a good thing or not).

And the National Enquirer has discovered our sleepy hamlet.

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