Joe O’Brien not running for Mayor

This has, of course, been reported in the Telegram, Daily Worcesteria, and (most importantly) Facebook.

Joe Petty announced that he would be running for Mayor.

My husband’s first thoughts were: “Petty’s got my vote if he promises to open every City Council meeting with an a capella version of Free Fallin’ The City Council would have to be willing to call themselves the ‘Heartbreakers’, but that shouldn’t be a problem because they break my heart all the time.”

My response: “I guess that makes City Hall the Heartbreak Hotel…”

Some have suggested that the web-presence-less “Average” Joe Petty’s announcement will likely serve  to prevent a free-for-all of current council candidates in the Mayor’s race.  (But, then again, we’ve already got one candidate calling for another Mike to run.)

Then again, it would seem to me that if the primary goal was to prevent Councilor Lukes from being mayor again, splitting the vote might be just the ticket.

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