Last Days for the Worcester State Clock Tower

From the Save the Worcester State Hospital Clock Tower Facebook group:

On Wednesday, July 27, 2011, the Final Global Workshop for the Worcester State Hospital Campus was held at Preservation Worcester. Those from the Worcester community were disheartened to hear that the state intends to demolish the Clock Tower. In light of the fact the structure does not quality for historic tax credits and the expenses associated with stabilizing and restoring the building are significant, it is the opinion of DCAM (Division of Capital Asset Management) that there will not be any interest in the property. We encouraged the state to consider at least trying to market the building

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and as a last resort to stabilize the structure as an architectural relic.

We were granted a little breathing time and will reconvene in about 6 weeks. The time for us to act is now. Please share with us any ideas of potential developers, please encourage people to”like” our Save the Worcester State Hospital Clock Tower, and please forward ideas on how we can safe-guard this structure which is significant in so many ways.

(Photo: Worcester State Hospital Clock Tower, a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic licensed image from Sean’s photostream.)

4 thoughts on “Last Days for the Worcester State Clock Tower

  1. I am absolutely appalled by the decision of tearing down the clock tower. Worcester politicions need to get this straight. Our history needs to stay in tact for the next generation or face the consequences. Giving excuse after excuse of why this archectual wonder can’t be saved is a poor lame excuse. If millions can be spent tearing town intact buildings of stone and concreate and then build a new state of the art facility then millions could of been spent first on keeping history in tact.

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